Malt Liquor Wednesday 3-16-2011

Malt Liquor Wednesday is HERE!

On this weeks show Big Trips Drops by to discuss the new album with our very own Scatter breign. And did you hear about THE NOBODYS venice beach invasion? also on the show whos a necro maniac, why women wake up with sticky eyelashes. And the guys also give their thoughts on the Japan Disaster and they give us their take on survival tactics.EdGERTH talk’s about Sherry Lotta from compton and a whole lot of other stuff ENJOY…

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The Return of MLW


Due to some Technical Difficulties, The worlds best Ustream Show is back in full effect!

For those that have been living under a sombrero for the last 4 Months! Malt Liquor Wednesday is a Ustream Show hosted by One of our Fellow NOBODY’s Scatter Breign and Co-Hosted by Edgar aka EDGAR! Its filmed live at La Cochina Cantina! The show started as a podcast and due to popular demand it evolved into a Weekly Ustream show! Scatter and Edgar talk about everything from Hip Hop to Current Events (that are worth talking about) to Daily activities to Rants to Heated Debates to Who’s Tits look better all while drinking…….. You guessed it MALT LIQUOR!

They also have special guests that drop by to promote and just to swig a 40 and chop it up! Like the Homie BIG B! He’s working on a new album with Scatter called “91TEN” So Big B will stop by to chop it up and talk about the progress on the album. ABE from NEVER DEAD also drops by every now and then! I also have been on the show a few times talking about everything and anything as well as promoting the SB CREEPS and 110 SOUTH… fellow NOBODY Ruben Rubinski is a regular on the show! You can catch him gettin his creep on with his signature OUTRO on every show!
So you never know what might happen or what you might see or what you might learn on MALT LIQUOR WEDNESDAY and you know StillaNobody will have every show posted on here from now on!

Just a taste of what the show looks like behind the scenes! So Tune in….