Baby Bounce – Pain Of My City

The homie Baby Bounce just dropped a sick ass visual for his record “Pain Of My City” shot and directed by Point and Shoot… Stay tuned for more music from Baby Bounce! He’s been grindin hard, Recording with EVERYBODY.. I just heard a record he dropped with the homie Boobie Soprano from Hoo Bangin/ 2 Gd Music… Baby B been spittin for a cool minute now, Rockin shows, Shootin vids and just makin a real name for himself! And he Reps for his home town GARDENA 110% Day in and Day out! Be on the look out for more music from him in the near future!

Step Your Playlist Up

What up people, I know its been a minute since I posted last, so please excuse my absence. I get asked alot about my favorite rappers and what albums am I playing in my Ipod, and to be honest even though I am a rapper, I dont really listen to much rap. I been writing alot lately and I dont like to listen to other rappers while im in my writing process, I wanna make sure I stay in my own lane. Now with that being said, i do peek in on whos doing what and whos doing shit right. So i thought i would put  you guys up on a few dudes that I believe are underappreciated and sadly overlooked in hip hop. So here is 5 spitters that are in a constant rotation in my earbuds. So here you go in no particular order……


First up is MAD CHILD of Swollen Members, What can i say about this guy?Rhyme skemes…. his album DOPE SICK is what he says it is. With a dirty delivery every time this guy spits you gotta to pay attention…..

Next we got NOCANDO,he’s from L.A. and this guys has got a pretty ill flow, its a on beat than off beat than back on beat type of cadence that is pretty refreshing, so get familar…..

next up is Action Bronson, at first i was kindah iffy on this guy, To be real i thought he sounded to much like Ghostface Killah, but after listenong a bit more, he definately has his own sound and im totally down with his beat selection  ….enjoy

Next we got SICK JACKEN of the PSYCHO REALM, all you get here is consistancy, i have yet to hear this man spit a wack verse…..Musick Of The Mask!!!!!

last but not least, DUMBFOUNDEAD, all around good shit….

peace til next time….

QUIZ – Dope Kicks Fresh Hats

The homie Quiz from Blue Division just dropped a SOLID tape for the Streets… Shit is all the way official with some heavy features and quality records from beginning to end. Do your ears a favor and DOWNLOAD “Dope Kicks Fresh Hats” for FREE you cheap bastards!

Click on the cover to DOWNLOAD

Quiz went heavy on this tape. His beat selection, Lyrical content and Flow is all the way in the pocket on this joint. Been slumpin DOPE KICKS FRESH HATS for the past few days and Trust me… You won’t be disappointed!!! Support Good Music and Support Raw Talent from the WEST COAST!