I really didnt want to have to do this… But my twitter was blowing up and Weezy fans was trying to say Wayne better than Jay… and i was like WAIT! Hold Up! There is really NO compairson between the TWO! Jay is in a class of his own… Whole nother level type shit! Wayne barely gettin his Feet Wet! If this was Highschool Football! Jay would be the All American Varsity Football team! and Wayne is the JV Flag Football team from the Private School down the street! YEAH i Said it! Wayne wouldnt even be in the same school as Jay! LOL Its just that simple! Do your homework before you open your mouth! You want the honest truth Break Down on Why JAY is JAY and why Wayne will NEVER be jay or even stand next to Jay’s Shadow??? if your a Weezy fan.. i suggest you browse around the site and look at some other shit on here… dont continue to read this cuz it’ll probably make you cry! hahahahahahaa But im just spittin out Cold Hard FACTS!! So dont be mad when the Truth kicks your dumb ass in the nuttz with some steal toe boots!

Since everybody on Twitter was Saying “Numbers Dont Lie” and they were comparing “Watch The Throne” Sales to “Carter 4″ Sales… First off thats not a Jay Z SOLO album… Thats a collab album! So lets compare Each of Jay’s and Wayne’s solo albums! They ALMOST got the same amount of albums out! Jay Z has 11 Studio Albums and Lil Wayne has 9 Studio Albums! Thats pretty close right there!

Wayne’s First album was The Block is Hot and he Dropped that in 1999

Jay’s First album was Reasonable Doubt and he Dropped that in 1996

So the years are slightly close.. theres not a huge gap in between… So lets talk Numbers NOW!

LIL WAYNE Has 9 SOLO Studio Albums and 3 of those Albums went Platinum (Thats including Carter 4.. I know it just dropped so if it goes Plat you can add that to it)

Jay Z Has 11 SOLO Studio Albums and ALL 11 of those Albums went Platinum

Still wanna talk Numbers???

LIL WAYNE has 4 Grammy’s

JAY Z has 15 Grammy’s

Men Lie, Women Lie, NUMBERS DONT!”

Tired of talking numbers? Let’s talk Career moves…

Wayne signed to Cash Money when he was like 9 or 10 years old… and been steady with Cash Money ever since… He formed Young Money a few years ago and has a gang of artists under him… Drake and Nicki Minaj for example are both from Young Money and have Great careers cuz of Wayne! Jae Millz is on the Label, aswell as Tyga, Corey Gunz and a few others… But Millz, Tyga and Corey had already jump started their own careers before wayne… They been buzzin with out the Young Money Umbrella! and those 3 artists have yet to see the same shine Drake and Nicki get… Where are their albums at???┬áSo from a business stand point… Wayne can literally live off of Drake and Nicki as long as they stay under Young Money! He built a pretty good label over there!

Nobody wanted to sign Jay… So Jay started his own label with Dame Dash and Biggs… Rocafella was one of the BIGGEST labels on the east coast and in the game period! and Jay was co-owner and the Lead artist! They also had the whole State Property crew… Philly was goin heavy at the Roc… Beans, Freeway, the Gunnas, Peedi Crack, Those other 2 dudes! the tall dude and the short cat hahahaa! and then they signed twista and the ace up their sleeve was Kanye West… In house Producer and Artist… Killin’em… Then came the DipSet Cam, Juelz, Jim Jones… While with the Roc Jay started Rocawear, Armadale Vodka,40/40 Club, Owns part of the Nets, and dropped a signature shoe with Reebok the S dot Carter… He left the Roc became the President of Def Jam, left def jam and started Roc Nation…

You tell me who’s making more MONEY!!!

If you put Money and Numbers aside..┬álets just break down Raw Talent…

NAME ONE LIL WAYNE RECORD THAT HAS SUBSTANCE or CONTENT? Yeah he has some catchy punch lines here and there. But whats he really talkin bout in songs? So he puts a few Mixtape records on a album backed by a established producer and calls it a day?? is that how it works? im not hating im just asking a real legit question? Bar for Bar lets match 3 records from Jay and 3 from Wayne… We can do 3 Party records, 3 Street Records and 3 Story Telling Records and 3 Raw hip hop records and compare each song… On lyrics and Delivery… Thats a open challenge to any lil wayne fan…

When you buy a Jay album your gettin Jay from Day 1… Raw lyrics, catchy flow, great song structure, steady delivery… and it all sounds effortless on record. You buy a wayne ablum you dont know if your getting Mixtape weezy or Auto Tune Wayne or Rock and Roll wayne or Gangster Blood Weezy… Thats why i say his music is unstable! Dont get me wrong its cool to change it up but when you change things up and it divides your fan base… im not so sure thats a good thing!

and if your still hung up on NUMBERS DONT LIE…. Here’s one more for you

Jay Z goes by: Jay Z, Jay, Jigga, Young Hova, Hov, H to the Izzo, S.Carter,Jigga Man

Lil Wayne goes by: lil wayne, weezy,weezy F. Baby and lil TUNECHI? (what the fuck is a TUNECHI?)

and Jay Z still got more names then Wayne… hahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaa

In conclusion… There is NO COMPARISON…

**SHOUT OUTS TO: NEEQ, CHUYITO, TREV, T-LOC, MARLON, ALEX and DeVONTE (These are some of the Jay and Wayne fans i had convo’s about this with, these past few weeks)