Baby Bounce – Pain Of My City

The homie Baby Bounce just dropped a sick ass visual for his record “Pain Of My City” shot and directed by Point and Shoot… Stay tuned for more music from Baby Bounce! He’s been grindin hard, Recording with EVERYBODY.. I just heard a record he dropped with the homie Boobie Soprano from Hoo Bangin/ 2 Gd Music… Baby B been spittin for a cool minute now, Rockin shows, Shootin vids and just makin a real name for himself! And he Reps for his home town GARDENA 110% Day in and Day out! Be on the look out for more music from him in the near future!

Step Your Playlist Up

What up people, I know its been a minute since I posted last, so please excuse my absence. I get asked alot about my favorite rappers and what albums am I playing in my Ipod, and to be honest even though I am a rapper, I dont really listen to much rap. I been writing alot lately and I dont like to listen to other rappers while im in my writing process, I wanna make sure I stay in my own lane. Now with that being said, i do peek in on whos doing what and whos doing shit right. So i thought i would put  you guys up on a few dudes that I believe are underappreciated and sadly overlooked in hip hop. So here is 5 spitters that are in a constant rotation in my earbuds. So here you go in no particular order……


First up is MAD CHILD of Swollen Members, What can i say about this guy?Rhyme skemes…. his album DOPE SICK is what he says it is. With a dirty delivery every time this guy spits you gotta to pay attention…..

Next we got NOCANDO,he’s from L.A. and this guys has got a pretty ill flow, its a on beat than off beat than back on beat type of cadence that is pretty refreshing, so get familar…..

next up is Action Bronson, at first i was kindah iffy on this guy, To be real i thought he sounded to much like Ghostface Killah, but after listenong a bit more, he definately has his own sound and im totally down with his beat selection  ….enjoy

Next we got SICK JACKEN of the PSYCHO REALM, all you get here is consistancy, i have yet to hear this man spit a wack verse…..Musick Of The Mask!!!!!

last but not least, DUMBFOUNDEAD, all around good shit….

peace til next time….

MY TOP 5 – Movies

Here’s my Top 5 Movies…

5. North Shore

Growing up on 166th Street.. This movie was an instant classic! If you know me or anybody that grew up on 166th, you know this movie gets quoted on a DAILY! hahahaa! Being the only Hawaiian Family on the block, this was the first taste of “Hawaii” all my homies got! My uncle used to record tapes when we were growing up! He would rent VHS tapes from the library and just record them shits onto his own tape and then return! (Thats the shit retired guys used to do, back in the day) hahahaa this was before CD’s and DVD’s and shit! So he had this movie on a VHS tape, along with La Bamba and Princess Bride hahahaa! Cuz those VHS tapes used to be like 8 hours long! so you can fit a few movies onto one VHS! So we would always borrow that shit and watch North Shore! Sometimes watch La Bamba too! and my brother always used to watch Princess Bride! hahahahaha **Nerd Fact: Andre The Giant comes out in Princess Bride

4. A Bronx Tale

Now this shit right here… This is a cold classic! Why this movie is so dope to me… Besides killin that dude in front of C’s stoop… You never see Sonny do any dirt in this movie! You just know he’s a fuckin BOSS! Yeah he beats up the bikers in the bar and shoots dice in the basement! But you never see what he’s selling, what kind of business he’s into, how he gets his money… none of that! You see him in the movie just like you would see him if he was in real life! You wouldnt see how he hustles! you would just see a guy in a suit! To me thats dope! Most mobster movies you see the inner workings of how the gang gets down! They glorify the dirty shit to make it more appealing! This shit is so dope, you know sonny’s a bad mothafucka, you know he’s dangerous and you know not to fuck with sonny! But you dont know shit about SONNY!

3. Beat Street

Mannnnnn.. back in my Break Dancing days… This was my shit! I remember when i was in the 5th grade… I saw this movie on Channel 13 and was fuckin trippin out! i never seen a break dancing movie before! So i remember i kept a blank VHS tape next to the VCR just so i could recod that shit.. next time it came on! and one rainy sunday afternoon! i put it on 13 and all i heard was some records scratching, the beat drop and then the screen went Black and some yellow, pink and purple graf letters came across the screen that read BEAT STREET! i fuckin flipped! Cuz i never seen that shit from the begining.. i would always catch it in the middle some where! so i scrambled around the record that shit! and i ended up recording it from right when Lee is in his room putting on his red puma’s… hahahaaa I would watch the begining when lee hits the back spin on the tile floor in his room (i even taped some cardboard down in my room so i could practice my shit in my room hahahaa) and then when Lee hits the party his brother is DJ’ing at and then fast forward to the Battle at the Roxy! and then rewind the tape back to watch all those parts again! hahahaaa! Shit was dope! fuckin movie is FRESH!

2. Harlem Nights

Ever wonder where DJ QUIK gets that sound clip that says “Quick, your not a Ganster… we’re Not!” at the begining of his song “Safe+Sound”?? well that shit is from this classic movie Harlem Nights! Eddie Murphy along side Richard Pryor! This is a dope movie about mobsters and comedy! I will stop everything im doing when i see this movie on TV… and even tho i got the DVD i’ll still sit through all the commercials and watch this shit! hahahahaaa… I can watch this movie over and over and over! and it’ll never get old to me!

1. GoodfFellas

This movie is the fuckin BEE’s KNEE’s.. hahahaa! Martin Scorsese joint? mannnn! and the shit is based on a true story! come on! Henry Hill on the come up all the way until he dimes everybody out to save his own ass! shit is an intense story! and a dope ass movie! Fuckin gnarly as movie and it was done the right way! You can quote this movie all day long with your fake mobster voice… hahahahaa! “Git da Fuck Outa Heeeeeee”

-Almost Made the List…

BLOW, American Gangster, Old School, Catch Me If You Can and Scarface


This is a new category called “MY TOP 5″ im just gona drop random shit on here that like! My Top 5 favorite things! Like if i were gona be stranded on a island and i can only take 5 of these things with me… what would it be! Or if i can only have these 5 things for the rest of my life… what would they be… shit like that! You get it right?

So being that 1 of my Top 5 things in the world is fuckin Shoes… Lets start there! Here’s MY TOP 5 Sneakers…

5. Nike SB Dunk Low “Boca Jr.”

This shoe right here incorporates everything i like in a sneaker! That Blue and Yellow colorway.. (personally i like the yellow laces on) with that Gum Bottom… GAME OVER!! If you know me than you know that Gum Bottom shit is CRACK! Got that old school Nike SB Dunk low model shit! Not that new fancy extra cushion shit on the heel… Nah! Signature Fat Tongue, Round SB Laces and the extra set of laces came in a zip loc bag! That legit Pink Box shit!

4. Air Jordan III (Black/Cement)

That Elephant Print tho… Wooooooooooooooh! This shoe is classic! Most like 11’s.. thats where all the hype is.. The 3’s have always been my shit! This was a tough one to call tho! It was a toss up between the Black/Infared 6’s or these! and im tellin you these shits right here made the list cuz of how classic these look! Fuckin game changers! elephant print on the front and back, tumbled leather and the smooth leather… Now most preffer the Nike Air logo on the back over the Jordan Jump Man on the back… but me personally, i dont give a shit! I’ll rock’em regaurdless!!

3. Nike SB Dunk High “De La Soul”

This was one of the First SB’s i ever really hunted down! This was back when cats wasnt really up on SB’s.. the hype was there but some people just didnt know where to get’em! They didnt know that SB’s used to be ONLY sold at Skate Shops… After all this is a Skate shoe, so it only made sense! I think these dropped in like 05.. maybe end of 05 or early 06.. I seen these and had NO IDEA about the background design story on’em! I just knew i was fuckin diggin them shits once i saw’em! So i asked for my size and it was sold out… only small sizes left! So i went on a fuckin mission to see who had SB accounts and who had’em! Lucked out and caught a size 10.5 for box price about 2 or 3 weeks after they dropped… And i rocked them shits till they were BEAT! hahahaa Then my foot grew and i put’em up on craigslist! and that was the last i seen… and till this day i have never found a DS Pair in a size 11 or 11.5! I know i will never pay box price again for’em but im willin to drop a few hard earned bucks on’em! But i aint paying no crazy ass FLIGHT CLUB prices.. hahahahahaaa

2. Air Jordan 1 “New Love”

Black and Yellow is one of my favorite colorways on a sneaker… Shit just goes together! Maybe its cuz im a Steeler Fan, who knows! But im a sucker for sneakers with this colorway! These dropped back in like 07 right after my birthday! I think it was like May or April and i remember hittin up the Lakewood Mall with the homie Trevor and his homegirl from the Soul2Sole crew to cop this pack! These shoes released in the Begining Moments pack.. also known as the “OLNL Pack” (Old Love New Love) it was these and a pair of Black Toe 1’s.. which were dope too! and i think Box Price was like a little over 200 for the pack! or maybe it was 200.. i dont remember! But i remember i rocked these shits DAILY! and beat them shits to death! I had to get rid of’em! and then one day me and the homie BOB the Barber hit up one of our low key Spots and I found a pair of these shits in my size for $110 BOOOOM! one of the dopest come ups in my sneaker buying life! hahahahaa! Only cuz i fuckin love this shoe! This is one that i need to keep in my collection and rotation, year round!

1. Nike Air Max 95 (Neon Yellow)

My Mutha Fuckin all time favorite shoe is…. The Neon Yellow Air Max 95… and yeah i said Yellow! Most people call’em Neon Green but its Yellow! These shits changed my life! hahahahaaa!! These shits came out in 1995 and i remember when i first saw this colorway on this shoe and i was like “that shoe is fuckin Ugly… So ugly it looks cool” and i knew i needed to have’em! But back in 95… $135 for a pair of Neon Shoes wasnt really flyin… Jordans were cool at the time and a piar of $17 high top chucks was more in my price range at the time! hahahahaaa! So to get me a pair of these took some planning and a shit load of hustling! I was slangin everything from Skateboards and skateboard parts to Lowrider bikes… I would hit the alpine village swap meet and buy all the lowrider parts to build a bike for like 75 bucks and then build that shit at home and slang it to nerds at school for 150 – 200.. Cuz kids was into Dynos and GT’s at that time and nobody knew shit about lowrider bikes! so i was on it! Then i saved up enough to catch me a pair of 95’s and a matching nike wind breaker jacket! I was stylin! until the mesh got all dirty and then them shits looked busted! hahahahahahaaa! But rocked the shit out of them shoes… Then i got older and Nike started retroing them and ever since i keep a fresh pair in my collection on ice! and i keep a couple pairs to rock!

There you have it… MY TOP 5 SNEAKERS


Bonett n N.Dotted – MAXX TURNER

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