Bonett n N.Dotted – MAXX TURNER

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I know you all been thinkin about it… Who had the better chick between the Savage Brothers?? **Side Note: fuckin SAVAGE Brothers would be a legit WWF Tag Team name if they both were wrestlers**

Alright… So who got to mack down and possibly SMASH (behind the scenes) the badder chick? Was it Winnie Cooper on Wonder Years?

or… Topanga on Boy Meets World?

alright.. lets be honest here… Winnie was BAD in the 80’s and Topanga was BAD in the 90’s… and Winnie is a fuckin BABE now days… and I saw Topanga on one of the Hydroxy Cut commercials lookin Busted… So im goin strictly off of Childhood memories.. Which one of these chicks did you Yank the Crank too more? im talkin straight up BONE CONE while watchin TV!!! hahahahaaa

Was it Winnie Cooper

or Topanga

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and we’ll be droppin a shit load of new music this weekend…


Burtono – Cloud 9

So every now and then i go grub at local spots around my office for lunch! and about a month or 2 ago i ran into a young rapper on his grind… I mean really on his hustle but he was a cool humble cat! Most indy cats i run into got ego’s bigger than their talent! You know the cats im talkin bout… The ones thats tryna live that Rapper lifestyle but aint makin real rapper money hahahaaa!

When i first ran into Burtono, dude was cool and laid back. He didnt even step to me with that same ol’ “Wanna buy my Mixtape? im bout to change the game with this. Im what the game has been missing! Im just out here on my grind” nah! Burtono was on some mellow shit, I seen he had a Clef Note tat’d on his hand so i asked him if he makes music. We got to choppin it up and then he told me he just dropped a Tape (which is more like an album.. All Original Music) But he didnt have no more on him at the time! He shot me his twitter info and some other info on where i can catch his music… Slapped hands and i went on my way!!!

Now that was like 2 months back! Today i ran into him again and dude was still on his mellow shit and we got too choppin it up again light weight! This time he had a tape on’em so he shot it to me! Talked about some of the moves he’s been makin and other cool shit! Jumped up in the truck and dropped it in the radio!

Let me start by saying this… Now days, its easy as fuck to hit up Guitar Center, pick up a M-Box/Pro Tools bundle for Windows and a Cool $50 Condensor Mic and some head phones and turn your room into your “Studio” or “Lab” and then Download beats online and Create songs and flood the internet all from the comfort of your room behind your computer…. Everybody has a Download link for their NEWEST Project! We’ve all seen them type on Twitter or Facebook… Just killing your timeline with spam links! I aint saying thats bad… I used to rock the home studio set up in early 2000’s too! Shit i still got a light weight set up in my room now as we speak! hahahaaa! its just easy and convenient!

But there is a difference in quality when you know what your doing and when you “think” you know what your doing! hahahahaaa! To see an actual Hard Copy from an Indy rapper is DOPE to me! Cuz as you all know, i come from that Real Back Pack era! i know what its like to press your own CD’s and cover inserts… I been there! Been doin that for 10 years plus! and Burtono didnt hand me a Burnt CD in a paper sleeve with “CLOUD 9″ written with a sharpie on top… He actually put some money and time into his hard copies!

The Cover insert is printed full color and UV coated and the Disc is printed on! Shit is DOPE to me! Most might not think this is a big deal but to me Hard Copies are a little more personal and the grind behind it holds a little more weight… There is a difference between tellin somebody you rap and writing down a website where they can Download your tape or tellin somebody you rap and giving them something physical to listen too! It aint a lost art form… Yeah Downloads can get your music out to the masses but if your out interacting with the people… Hard Copies are a must! I respect that!

So lets get into this Mixtape/Album “CLOUD 9″ 9 Tracks of Original Music… 10 if you include the Intro… Burtono got a real laid back flow, not overly hype, good control on the mic, hooks are catchy and his rhyme scheme is in the pocket! The records that stand out to me on this joint is Number 4 “BLOW” and Number 6 “WE BOUT” both are very different styles of records but Burtono flips both effortlessly… He got that Melodic Flow down too… Where it aint really singing but more like harmonizing and he knows how to use it and when to use it! Shit is cool! The whole joint in mixed and mastered dope! Quality is top notch, not over processed and not heavy on the reverb but not dry in the speakers…

All in all this is a solid drop! I’ll be in contact with him on a regular to keep up with his progress and continue to support’em!

If you tryna download “CLOUD 9″ Click There or on the Cover Art Below

Check for him on Twitter: @JustBurtono and Facebook: Burtono

and if your tryna Book’em or need to contact him email:

Until the next one… Keep Grinding… Im out in the streets daily listening and supporting Real Talent!!!


Pay Respect

After a long debate about Old School Dance Flicks verses these new school 3D Dance Movies… Me and the homie Angel figured out where Johnny Depp gets his style from… Johnny Depp been jackin OZONE from Breakin’s whole look!! From the hats to the billion bracelets and rings to the layers… Come on Johnny! Give Ozone aka Shabba Doo aka Adolfo some credit… Cant be bitin’ his style and tryna write it off like its yours! We’re on to you! You might have these females fooled but you cant pull the wool over our eyes!

The Heat Won?

I guess there was a Finals game on tonight and im guessing the Heat Won! #CoolStoryBro hahahahaaaa

So all the Lebron fans are pretty stoked now! Since he finally got a ring… Lebron was cooler when he didnt have a ring cuz people had jokes for days on that bum! He still cant fuck with Kobe and he could never come close to Jordan… He cant even fuck with Jordans Shadow… All Lebron had to do was turn his back on his city and move to a team that already had some shit in the making to get a ring! D.Wade was handling shit before Lebron got there! Wade already got a ring with out’em! hahahahaaa… and they just threw Bosh in the mix cuz every team needs a fuckin real life Dinosaur on the team! hahahaa Thats a Ugly mothafucka!

So i wonder who Lebrons mom is gettin busy with tonight? Mike Miller might be diggin that out! J. Howard might even get up in that… with his old ass!!! The last OG from the Fab 5 thats still in the League! I respect that brotha! and Im glad he got himself a ring this year! Maybe he’ll retire now!

So to all the “so called” Heat Fans that dont live in Miami or anywhere close to Florida… Like all the bums in LA that are Heat “fans” What time yall rollin to that Parade??? hahahahahahahahaaaaa….

I rep my city WIN or LOSE!! Big Ups to my city Los Angeles that i claim without fear! Lakers, Dodgers, Kings and Clippers… LOYALTY is the foundation of RESPECT!

and here’s another one just cuz!! hahahaha