Malt Liquor Muzik

Whats The Hype About?

Every so often an artist drops a song that setting the street on fire and has the internet going crazy. Well this week Rick Ross (not to be confused with the real Freeway Rick Ross) dropped I guess is his frist single 3 Kings from his over pushed back album “God Forgives I Dont”.

Let me start by sayn this I’m not trolling or hating. This is just my opinion. The beat produced by Jake One is a classic as soon as it drops. Dr. Dre sets the pace going frist and does his thing in normal Dre fashion very cleanly spit and only stating facts. Oh and wish I would’ve listen to this beat with his head phones. Next up is Ross not really sure why but it never really seems like Ross is rappin about his real life but if this was my song and Dre raps before me I would put a lot more thought into what I was goin to say. Jay is up now and he makes sure we know it’s about to be some shit. Note to up and coming rappers if you’re doing a song with someone who has out shined you on your own song make him go frist so you can get yo shit together! Jay pretty much shit all over track and finds a new way to make niggas feel broker than before. oh and finds time to give a shoot out to Max B. that was no accident im sure of it. I really did forget that this is a Ross track. the way radio had people talkin about this song i thought it was going to be way crazier. All that hype for a cool jay verse. I don’t get it. Hit me on my twitter or leave a comment here let me know what I missed. But what do I know           I’m still a nobody! STAY COOL

Im Back Again

I know its been alone long time. I shouldnt have left you, without a dope blog to run too! Lol nah but forreal ya boy Mitch had to take a step back from the blogin game. (Computer crash and Ipod got jacked) But like a wise man once said “You can’t stop the cool, you can only hope to contain it” Im going to keep this brief. Here are a couple of projects that you should go pick up. Until next time yall stay cool.