Less Is More Co. x NoNcents Trading Co. present… The STONEGROOVE.


Less Is More Co. x NoNcents Trading Co. present… The STONEGROOVE.

Come start off the New Year with some good music and good drinks on Jan. 9th, 2014 at Saint Rocke in Hermosa as Less Is More & NoNcents Trading Co present “The STONEGROOVE” featuring LuckyIam of Living Legends Awdbawl, Inkwell, and more. Pre-sale tickets $12 and $15 at the door.

SWELL x Luckyiam x King Fantastic x ASHTROBOT

JUNE 14th come out to Saint Rocke in Hermosa to see the very talented SWELL of Less Is More, LuckyIam of Living Legends, King Fantastic, ASHTROBOT and many more as they bless our ears with some GOOD music. Get your tickets now!!!!

Cold Cut Fridays @ Suzurans

Wut up ya’ll, one of my favorite holidays is a couple days away, you know what I’m talking about, good ol’ 4ouR tWEntY, now the good thing about this day this year (besides all the refer) is that there will be a good, FREE hip hop show TOO! I invite you all to Cold Cut Fridays at Suzurans in Gardena to see Awdbawl, which as you know has just release his Ep on bandcamp (cop it if you haven’t, good stuff right here), and also a performance by Jubien. Check the flyer for more info and directions. =*SUPPORT INDEPENDENT HIP HOP*=

AWDBAWL – Awl Ways Due

This just in from The Less Is More Collective, AWDBAWL hits us with a 7-track EP called Awl Ways Due, now available for $5 on Bandcamp, now click the link and get your copy of good music filled with raw hip hop sound and word play to have you on repeat. ENJOY!!!! and keep the support of independent hip hop….

E-CrEAShunZ x Carlos Campuzano Photography

This here is photograph taken by Carlos Campuzano with some touches of Photoshop added by Ed of E-CreAShunZ to make this collaboration piece. This photo was taken in the city of Gardena on a nice sunny beautiful day.  Stay tuned for more collaboration as well as solo pieces from these two.

SWELL – Dear Mary (prod. Hannibal King)

What up people, so yesterday I was chillin, and at exactly 4:20pm the homie SWELL of the Less Is More Camp shoots me his new visual to this song of his, Dear Mary is the name, and bud smoking is the game. I must say this is in heavy rotation during my smoking sessions. So next time you need some good tunes while you take that toke, be sure to pop this track on for complete satisfaction to your ears. Shouts to Hannibal King on this great beat, and also to Ryan Calavano on yet another great video production. Stay tuned for more from the Less Is More Camp..


*THIS JUST IN* The homie Nathan from POINT n SHOOT Creative Group just got done shooting this interview with ASHTROBOT to ask him a few questions about his influences on his craft and more. Be on the look out for ASH’s CD to drop in March, and also some more video productions from the fellas over there at POINT n SHOOT Creative Group

Slater’s 50/50 Burgers by Design

A couple weeks back the homie NONSTOP posted about this burger joint called “Slater’s     50/50″.  After reading his post and peeping all the pictures about this place, i was convinced and made a date to murder one of these burgers.  There are several locations, but i went with the Huntington Beach location.  So me and my date Jessikah arrive at this spot (which was very easy to find), we’re in the parking lot in the car and I’m murdering this fat bowl of dank to build up my appetite, after seeing those pics i knew i was going to need to be extra hungry. So I’m high (-_-)===~~ and hungry, we start off with some appetizers, after a couple suggestions and a couple minutes looking at the menu we decide to get some deep fried pickles and fries with bacon infused ketchup, yup thats right, BACON INFUSED KETCHUP.shit was off the chain, fried pickles were extra crunchy and the ketchup was just crazy good. So we’re cruisin thru the menu and deciding what kind of burger it was that we wanted to murder.  Jess was feeling real creative and grabbed the “Design a Burger” menu, like NONSTOP said previously, the menu is set up like a scantron from school and has a massive selection of add-ons, so she grabs a pencil and gets to checking.i figured since she created her own burger then we should create a name for her custom burger, so we called it the “Jessinator”(not on menu). The “Jessinator” consist of 1/3Lb Slaters 50/50 patty (50% ground beef 50% bacon) 1000 island dressing, not 1 but 2 kinds of cheese; American and cheddar, pickles, avocado mash, and of coarse BACON!!!!  The burger patty was fat and juicy and stacked high.  For those that are like “damn that burger is massive, that girl ate that whole thing?” well unfortunatly she wasn’t able to conquer the whole thing, only half. After Jess ate what she could eat, i asked how was it? and she replied “this aint no ordinary burger, but it was bomb.” Now on to my choice of burger for the evening.  Now let me remind you that i just burnt a couple bowls in the parking lot and the munchies have definitely kicked in. Slaters has there own section of their signature burgers on the menu, so as i was peeping out that part of the menu i fell in love with the description of this badmamajamma I’ll give you a minute to wipe that druel off your lip…………………ok, now this is one of Slaters signature burgers called “The Hawaiian Burger” which consist of Slaters 50/50 patty (50%ground beef,50%bacon), grilled pineapple, sunny side up egg, American cheese, and baconnaise yea i had to look twice too, but yea BACONNAISE, I’m pretty sure you can figure out what thats made up of. i also ordered me a side of teriyaki glaze sauce to smother it in. After eating the appetizer and a bite of the Jessinator, I was feeling pretty full after eating half my burger, so i sat back and waited a minute while my second wind of munchies swang on thru, BAAM!! I’m at it again murdering the second half of this massive and juicy burger……

and this my friends is the after shot of the murder scene, no evidence left behind HAHAHA. Now i had a couple Hawaiian Burgers in my past and its definitely one of my favorites, but this one was different and for sure takes the crown, best I’ve had.  I know you’re wondering what we washed these amazing creashunz down with, and NO it wasn’t our usual order of water. Slaters has a pretty wide selection of beer, Jessikah ordered her self a nice tall glass of Blue Moon, with a wedge of orange in this beer, it turns out to be a nice tasting mellow beer.  For me, i had this new type of beer I’ve been experimenting with, its called IPA (india pale ale) i had me a Green Flash Brewing Co. IPA, this beer was good and had a strong taste of hops, shit was pretty strong dude, had me relaxed on the ride home HAHAHA.  So if you’re into burgers and good beer and want to design your own burger, then i suggest you hit up “Slater’s  50/50″ and get your grub. This is Edsta signing off….PEACE.

Juels – Trip to the Moon (instrumentals)

Wut uuuup…. This just in, Juels (of R Crew) dropping you some of his latest instrumentals and also with a feature of Soul Khan on this album.  Juels is a very talented and skilled beat maker/producer from the South Bay, stay tuned for shows, event, beat battles to come from Juels and also click the link for a free downloadable copy of these fresh beats.  www.juels.bandcamp.com