I know you all been thinkin about it… Who had the better chick between the Savage Brothers?? **Side Note: fuckin SAVAGE Brothers would be a legit WWF Tag Team name if they both were wrestlers**

Alright… So who got to mack down and possibly SMASH (behind the scenes) the badder chick? Was it Winnie Cooper on Wonder Years?

or… Topanga on Boy Meets World?

alright.. lets be honest here… Winnie was BAD in the 80’s and Topanga was BAD in the 90’s… and Winnie is a fuckin BABE now days… and I saw Topanga on one of the Hydroxy Cut commercials lookin Busted… So im goin strictly off of Childhood memories.. Which one of these chicks did you Yank the Crank too more? im talkin straight up BONE CONE while watchin TV!!! hahahahaaa

Was it Winnie Cooper

or Topanga

Hit me on Twitter… @N0NST0P

Look forward to more of these types of Battles… Me and @APartidaFiction¬†go back and forth on shit like this Daily on the wonderful world of Twitter…


and we’ll be droppin a shit load of new music this weekend…


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