The Heat Won?

I guess there was a Finals game on tonight and im guessing the Heat Won! #CoolStoryBro hahahahaaaa

So all the Lebron fans are pretty stoked now! Since he finally got a ring… Lebron was cooler when he didnt have a ring cuz people had jokes for days on that bum! He still cant fuck with Kobe and he could never come close to Jordan… He cant even fuck with Jordans Shadow… All Lebron had to do was turn his back on his city and move to a team that already had some shit in the making to get a ring! D.Wade was handling shit before Lebron got there! Wade already got a ring with out’em! hahahahaaa… and they just threw Bosh in the mix cuz every team needs a fuckin real life Dinosaur on the team! hahahaa Thats a Ugly mothafucka!

So i wonder who Lebrons mom is gettin busy with tonight? Mike Miller might be diggin that out! J. Howard might even get up in that… with his old ass!!! The last OG from the Fab 5 thats still in the League! I respect that brotha! and Im glad he got himself a ring this year! Maybe he’ll retire now!

So to all the “so called” Heat Fans that dont live in Miami or anywhere close to Florida… Like all the bums in LA that are Heat “fans” What time yall rollin to that Parade??? hahahahahahahahaaaaa….

I rep my city WIN or LOSE!! Big Ups to my city Los Angeles that i claim without fear! Lakers, Dodgers, Kings and Clippers… LOYALTY is the foundation of RESPECT!

and here’s another one just cuz!! hahahaha

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