MARLEY – The Movie

Last night i saw the new Bob Marley movie called “MARLEY” and that shit is LIFE CHANGING!

Now i’ve read almost all the books published about Bob Marley’s life, I grew up on his music and i’ve heard about 96% of ALL of his recorded records… (Theres still a hand full of 45’s that he released earlier in his career that i havent heard yet… But im working on gettin my hands on them thangs! hahahaa) So from a fan’s stand point… This movie pretty much sum’d up all the books i read and gave me solid visuals of all the events i read about…

This isnt gona be one of those reviews where i break down who directed this movie and who helped put this movie together… I’ll leave all the technical stats and shit to the pro’s.. Im just here to tell you what i thought about the movie!

So they released this movie in select Movie Theaters across the country on… none other than 4/20/2012… But i didnt get a chance to see who and where was playing it, So i did some investigating online yesterday and found out that Time Warner had an early screening ON DEMAND! (you can also rent the movie on iTunes too) So i jumped on my cable box when i got home last night and ordered that thang! It was a solid 6.99 to rent it ON DEMAND for 2 days… So i got it!

Then i posted this picture on Instagram….

Follow me on Instagram if you dare… NONSTOP166 look me up.. i Dare You! hahahaa

So after that… I got right into it… This movie gives you the straight up REALNESS on who Bob was… They got everybody from Bunny Wailer to Rita Marley to Ziggy and his Sister to his White second cousin and even his Half Sister…. What was dope also is they had audio from Peter Tosh! and a shit load of more people… Tellin real stories and memories with video footage to back up everything being said! Shit blew my mind! They talk about how Bob had a crazy childhood cause he was half white and the other kids called’em a outcast and used to fuck with him for not being FULL black! Then they got into how he started making music and his whole journey to what his music has become to this day!

And they get into the real details on why the OG Wailers broke up, Shady Producers and Managers and shit, and even Bob and Rita’s relationship (Bob was a straight up ladies man! He had 11 Kids with 7 Different chicks #FACT) From Girlfriends to chicks on the side to just random skeezers and Rita was a straight up G about that shit! Crazy! They go deep into him becoming a Rastafarian and they even got dope ass footage of Haile Selassie I… Then they break down how Bob got Melanoma and how Cancer hit’em, to the sad day he cut his dreads off and even had footage of his funeral… Shit was DEEP on so many levels!

So if your a fan, like myself! or just somebody looking to check out a dope ass documentary… I would say check this movie out! Its only 6.99 to rent or if you can find a theater near you playing it! Its worth the money and more! Click HERE to see the listings on where its playing or who got it for rent!

Like i said, i grew up on Reggae Music and Bob Marley has been a major influence on myself! Shit i got that brotha tat’d on me! hahahahaa!!! #SoYouKNowItsREAL hahahaa

Not the best Picture! BUT…. You get the idea! hahahahaa!!! Go check this movie out!

Live as ONE, Together We’re STRONG! JAH! Rastafari…..


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