Umami Burger – The Green Bird

Just to let yall know, some of the BURGER eating NOBODY’s are on a NO Beef or Pork run right now! Some are doing it for Lent and the others are doing it just to do it! Challenge yourself! So for myself, im just doing it cuz DREWvsFOOD gave up Red Meat for lent… and i just wanted to see if i could do it too! So far, its been a solid adventure! We Been killin Chickens, Turkey Burgers and anything living under the sea! The homie BOBtheBARBER dont really get down with the Beef to often and you will NEVER Catch any PORK on his FORK!!! hahaaa! Some of you Day 1 NOBODY’s will remember I gave up Red Meat last year just to do it! and it worked out! So im back on that #BeatTheMEAT train! hahahaaa!

So me and Bob the Barber hit up the New Umami Burger in Hermosa Beach! Shit was a real swanky lookin joint! Bar seating and a cool amount of table space! We hit it up around 3 for lunch but they dont serve BEER until after 5pm… That was kind of lame but the beverage selection was pretty intense! They had a few brews on tap and some cool imported bottles! The non alcoholic selection was mind boggling! They got everything from Glass Bottled Orange Soda to Mexican Coke to Australian ginger Beer… So we got down with the FOSTERS of Soda! hahahaaa

Thats right! GINGER BEER! but it dont taste nothing like Ginger Ale… This shit was actually pretty tastey! Would i drink it with every meal? probably not! But i would buy a 6 pack and crack one open every now and then! Might even taste Orgasmic mixed with some Crown Royal! Stay tuned for that Mixed Drink Review! hahahahaaaa

I got the Green Bird Which is a Turkey Burger with Avocado, Butter Lettuce, sprouts and green cheese! Shit was packed with flavor… and i know what your thinking… Turkey Burger gotta be DRY! But your wrong! Shit was like a Horny 18 year old chick on Prom Night! The JUICES were FLOWING!! hahahahahahaaa!!!! The buns are toasted and they burn a “U” on top the bun which gets some points for presentation flow! hahahahaaa and speaking of presentation… The place mats got the Umami Burger Logo on’em! and we thought them thangs was printed… But we were wrong! there was a dude in the corner stamping each place mat with a BIG ASS BURGER Rubber STAMP! hahahahaa Shit was Gnarly! So when you hit Umami Burger… Dont look past the attention to detail in everything, cuz each fuckin place mat is Hand Stamped!

I been killin Turkey Burgers for a few weeks now! and i would say that 90% of the burgers i tried have all been good! This one is definitly in that 90%… We also got down on some fries and sweet potato fries! Shit was coo too! the Jalepeno Ranch and Umami Ketchup was on point tho!

This spot is worth a visit! and if your from the South Bay, Its right in our Back Yard! Go Get you Some!!!!!

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