Jordan HYPE!

So if you’re into Sneakers, you might’ve got caught up in the White Cement 4 Tornado that took over your local Footlockers, Footactions, Finish Lines, Nike Stores and/or  your super low key secret sneaker spots this weekend! On Tuesday of last week, my twitter, text inbox and DM’s were blowing up about these 4’s… “Did you get’em early?” “Do you got a spot i can get’em?” “You cop’n the 4’s?” “You got a hook up?” “You camping out?” “what store you hittin up?” So pretty much all last week shit was buzzin about these 4’s! Now me personally! I didnt Cop’em! The Jordan 4 is a solid classic Model! That’s un-debatable! But for me, i wasnt that gas’d up on this colorway! It’s cool! but not something I was willing to plot out a plan to catch a pair! So i Passed! Now i know some “sneaker heads” will say “people only talk shit about shoes they cant afford or couldnt COP” but i had a chance to grab a pair! Yall know i got the bread for’em and i usually catch the majority of the Jordan Retros but, i wasnt really into this drop! So i guess its fair to say i didnt get caught up in the HYPE! Cuz HYPE will change your mind! You’ll see a sneaker and be on the fence about’em! and then you slowly see the hype build around the shoe than you change your mind like “yeah im a cop those! just to have’em” I’ve been a victim of that more than a few times! HYPE KILLS!

So Friday morning rolled around and Twitter was goin NUTTZ! Who’s camping where, Who’s camping with who, Who’s releasing at midnight, How many pairs each store is getting, who’s going to cop online…. Then the TwitPics started popping up of the homies lining up their chairs gettin ready to camp it out at different spots… Then Saturday Morning i woke up to #iGotThemJsTho on twitter! hahahaa!! Shout Out to all my homies that got a pair or two! So all my folks that wanted’em got them a pair of the White Cement Retro 4

Now! what’s trippin me out is that, this time last year… The White Cement Retro 3 dropped! and in my honest opinion is an iller release than these! Both cool shoe’s but i favor that 3 over this 4… But to say the least, The 3 and The 4 are GREAT models and 2 of  the most popular, along side the 11, 5, 6 and 7… But what’s crazy is that last year when the 3’s dropped there was no CAMP OUTS! There was some HYPE around’em but there was no over night line ups for’em! I remember i got a pair a week early from my local spot and then the day they dropped I grabbed another pair to keep on ice! But I just rolled to the mall around 7:50am stood in a line that was only like 8 deep and got my size and went home to take a dump and get ready for my day! I also remember going to some malls and seeing those 3’s still on shelves… So I got a pair early and grabbed another pair of the White Cement Retro 3 on the release day with no problems…

OK! now lets take it back a year before these White Cement 3’s dropped… The Black Varsity Red 6’s dropped in February! Now this is a DOPE shoe! You cant front on the Black/ Red 6’s! Some cats will be mad cuz they aint the Infared 6’s! But still a dope ass shoe! (and i think the Infared pack dropped that same year) This is a really popular drop! and once again! NO CAMP OUTS, NO Over Night Line Ups, NO Problems! I rolled to the mall around 9:30 and Footlocker opened at 8 that morning to slang the 6’s and there was NO line and still got 2 pairs in MY size!

So what im trying to get at… Is that these DOPE ass shoes dropped with NO Camp Outs! All of a sudden the Concord 11’s drop and cats went CRAZY! Camping Out 3 or 4 Days before the Release Day, Fighting over spots in Lines, Shooting each other for Concords, Breaking down the gates at stores, Robbing dudes in the parking lot for’em… Shit is just DUMB! The Concords are a REAL CLASSIC and Game Changing Sneaker FOR SURE! White Mesh and Black Patent Leather Jordan??? Psshhhh! Those shits are butter! If you say the Concords are WACK then you must be blind!

Now before the Black/Red 6’s dropped, the Space Jam 11’s were the Christmas release! and before the White/Cement 3’s dropped the Cool Grey 11’s were the Christmas release! People camped for those but the HYPE fizzled out after they dropped! For some reason the HYPE around EVERY Jordan Retro drop NOW is MAJOR! People are camping out for EVERYTHING now! hahahahaa! The buzz off the Concord drop just carried over to 2012 and its like people just want to camp out for every drop, so they dont miss it! hahahaaa! The Chicago 10’s had an ill ass camp out too! Most people coppin is just tryin to flip the shoes on Craigs List for a few hundreds! The Cats thats really tryin to rock’em is gettin left with fucked up sizes cuz the resellers are just tryin to flip the popular sizes! Now i dont wanna sound like a HIPSTER but with all the HYPE around J’s it kind of just turns it into a Mainstream shoe now! Its like when SB’s were DOPE and were dropping classic themed shoes! None of these hypebeast kids knew where to cop SB’s so it was cool and rare to cop a pair! Now Nike GR’s SB’s like they just got extra material and blue boxes laying around and EVERY shop slangs them! So its not even cool to rock new SB’s hahahaaa! But at least us OG’s still got Pink, Silver and Black Boxes to still bust on these Youngsters! hahahaaa!!!

So what im tryin to say is… HYPE Fuckin KILLS Everything! Life isnt TWITTER, Dont be a FOLLOWER!


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