The Carter IV – Malt Liquor Muzik Review

The Carter IV – Lil Wayne

By: Malt Liq Mitch


Yeah I know I’m dropping this review hella early, but thanks to an unnamed friend of mine I got this before it dropped. So I will be writing this shit a lil high and drunk. Well first release after do a bid in a NY jail you would think lil Tunechi (what the FuCC is a Tunechi anyway) was going to come out like Pac…


Nope Mr. Super blood comes back rockin baby gap skinny’s like it’s the thing to do. Yeah I know we all can’t keep it G like Mitch over here but fuck it let listen to the Muzik. 

Listening to this the first couple of times, the CD sounds like a great mix tape then I remember someone has to spend real money on this. Tracks1-4 dope beats kept me listening number 5 is just trash track is feat. His soft sidekick


Also known as Drake dope song tho, sounds like they popped a couple of pills and went to the strip club to make the one. Track 7 feats. T-pain is well….. Fuck it! Its T-pain so ether you gone love it or you will just skip pass it. Best part of this CD so far is the interlude Feat.Tech N9ne and Andre3000. Then comes this mutha fuckin Lex Luger beat I think I have heard this best on 6 other niggas Cd’s already but never mind that Weezy F. (and the F is for fictional) slid in a bull shit remix from Rick Ross shit. And the Cash Money Camp wants you to go spend your money on this shit. Track 10 and 11 are ok nothing to really talk about more pointless spittin about nothing.  Now let talk bout Mr. Suwoop and this singing shit      


I guess he wanted to show us his stuff side again! Please stop let Drake handle all that for bro! well lets just skip to the outro Bun B well never spit some wack shit he has the best 16 on the whole shit yes I know Nas Busta Rymes are all on the same song along with Shyne but Bun killed the whole shit!


So now that the “best rapper alive” has fallen off I guess their nothing left to do but ride skate boards wear cloths that don’t fit from baby gap and fake gang bang!



That’s all I got to say FUCK IT IM A NOBODY!

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2 thoughts on “The Carter IV – Malt Liquor Muzik Review

  1. i agree with this album being garbage, or maybe my opinion doesnt count being that i turned that shit off after the 6th or 7th track, shits weak, i had to throw my kendrick lamar section 80 back on to re assure me that hip hop still has talent

  2. I feel you rellie, don’t get me wrong i like Wayne he kool… but as far as him bein the greatest “lil tunchie” your not there brah. Musik is so dumbed down now i hear everyone talkin how him and Ross are monsters, are you kiddin me… #teamhighpower

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