Alright so today i was just crusin at work minding my own business when i got a phone call from my homegirl. She told me to go to her office cuz she wanted to show me something. I get there and what does she show me??? a Mixtape Cover of her cousin and friend from Maine… The title of the Tape was called “Born in my CHUX” Yes! “CHUCKS was spelled CHUX” and it was a pic of a Black Dude in a loooong ass white shirt with some wrinkled ass tan dickies and some dusty ass chucks with black shoe strings in’em… and the black dude is standing next to a white dude in a white T with a drunk ass collar, Silver Chain and Cross, with low top chucks, saggin his dickies down to his knees with like a 3 inch cuff on his pants tucked behind the tongue of his chucks….. LOL

**I wanna post a pic of that shit on here but i dont wanna give these corn balls the promotion nor do i want to infect our site with that foolishness… But i might tweet that shit hahahaa @N0NST0P **

So after seeing that cover i HAD to listen to the tape, i told my homegirl to put it on her favorite track on the whole mixtape… She put its on #6 “only in my hood” which is a song these guys did over Ice Cubes “it was a good day” beat! and i dont know which guy said this but that shit just killed me… he said “Chucks on my feet, black toe socks, guns underneath, SMACK HOE ROCKS” hahahahahahaaaaaa… so after hearing that, i started rollin cuz my homegirl was dead serious that, that was her favorite record on that tape! and she was super proud of her cousin….

Now im not knockin these guys hustle and im not dissin their flow or choice of lyrics… what i am knockin is these bafoons took an iconic LA uniform and turned it into a fuckin circus outfit… Chucks, Dickies and White T’s is a Los Angeles STAPLE! and might i add ONLY Los Angeles cats know how to rock that shit! Now before you get all lame and say “who are you to say who can where what and what looks good” i am NOT the fuckin Fashion Police! But i do know what looks Crispy and what looks Lousy… and also i grew up seeing this outfit at BarBQ’s, Party’s, Crenshaw, Swap Meets, Malls, Car Shows, Church, Bus Stops, Car Washes… EVERY WHERE! i even rock that fit myself! its not rocket science to pull it off but if your not from around here you wont look right in it…

Being a fellow Los Angelino i grew up in this Lifestyle! Born and Rasied! Used to be able to hit the indoor swap meet with 50 bucks and come out with a full fit for your saturday activities…

20 on some High Top Chucks

20 on some brand new Khaki Dickies (OG’s with NO pleats and none of that “cell phone” pocket shit!)

5 for a brand new Pro Club White T (that tight neck collar shit… No Drunk Necks in LA)

and you take that last 5 and go get your chain and ear rings cleaned and shined up at the jewelry spot!

Now you take that $50 outfit home… Bust the tags off the Dickies and take the size stickers off and lay them shits on your ironing board… Not flat legged! you grab the pants by the button in the front and the back belt holes and you shake that bitch out once hard as shit! FLAPPP! now you lay it on the ironing board just like that, as if the pants are laying side ways on the ironing board! you fold up the top pant leg up to the crotch and then fold it at the knee to move it out the way.. now you can start ironing… give it a cool press then you hit it with the starch and press it again (if its black dickies you might wanna hit it with starch then lay a rag or something over it before you hit it with the iron or you’ll get white flakes from the starch on your pants! *HOOD SECRETS* LOL) Now you do both sides, front and back on both legs… Now you dont just throw’em on your bed after ironing… you gotta lay’em flat, grab’em by the front button and back belt loop and slide it off the board and onto your bed… you dont wanna fuck up that crispy ass crease….

Since your pants are done now you gotta iron out the fold marks on your new shirt! Now you gotta turn the steam down on the iron first because you dont want none of that iron build up in the holes to leak onto your new white T! and leave a brownish rust stain! that aint cool! hahahaaa so you press the shirt! if your a real LA OG you put a crease down the front and back of your white T! *OG SHIT*

after that you take your new chucks out of the box, unlace the factory lacing and start new. Start off the first holes and make sure your laces are even on both sides and the laces are flat going across then you start the cross lacing, gotta make sure you go Over and Under and then in true LA shit you get the Tongue on your high tops active and you fold that down! Most chucks that come from the swap meet got a factory fold in the tongue already! You can either lay it flat under the Crossed laces or you can tie your shoe lace over the folded tongue…

Now its time throw it all together… throw your pants on with that fresh ass crease (if you did it right, them shits could dam there stand up on their own lol) throw your chucks on, tie’em up and if you want you can cuff the bottom of your dickies up once! just that first part thats sewn. THATS IT! if you cuff it up a second time WE know dam well you aint from around here! Throw on that Wife Beater and then its time for your Pro Club…. BOOM! now your ready for your day… BARBQ, Cruising, Posted on the block… whatever! but you look and feel like a million bucks, even tho everybody knows that fit only cost 50 they cant front on that classic look! No Wrinkles, Chucks aint Dusty, and your White T aint drunk and leaning off your shoulder!

Now for my REAL L.A Hood cats…

If your a LA OG you had this label on the back of your pants or on the shirt pocket of your shirt! BEN DAVIS is some extra OG shit! hahahaaaaa

all im saying is that… Dont try and jack that Los Angeles lifestyle if your not gona do it right! You dont see LA cats rockin Army Fatigues, Timberland Boots, Bubble Jackets with Hoody’s underneath… thats a East Coast thing! and plus its too dam hot out here to dress like that! hahahahaa!!! So Stay in your Lane or you’ll get Ran over!


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