Today i picked up 2 dozen of those World Famous, Mouth Watering, Taste Bud Friendly Jazzy Cupcakes! Now before i get into these delicious tastey treats, lets reflect on the Jazzy Baker that creates these Orgasmic Cakes….

The owner of Jazzy Cupcakes has been a good friend of mine for many years and not only does she bake some of the most amazing cupcakes in the world she is also one of few girls that i know that got a MEAN ASS Sneaker Collection. Im talkin Every classic Retro Jordan has seen the inside of her Closet, She COP’d her Space Jams like 3 months before the release date and then COP’d another pair when they dropped just cuz, Her Old Love New Love Yellow/ Black 1’s barely seen the light of day and kissed the concrete last year, she broke out the Grey 4’s just to shit on the nerds that was hype beastin on some GR shit, Put it this way! Her grandma rocks a pair of her Infared 6’s from yearsssssss ago! So besides killin most of you in the shoe game, This Female Sneaker Head is also one of the GREATEST Bakers in the World! and im not sugar coating this just because i know her, Her cupcakes are Top Shelf. If her cupcakes were Weed, they would be that Grand Daddy Purple Kush from your suppliers Personal Stash, Her Cupcakes would be the Master KUSH that the Medical Spot has in a Ziploc bag inside of a Mason Jar inside of a freezer size Ziploc bag thats inside of a Bigger Air Tight Mason jar that you can still smell before you walk in the room! YES! The cupcakes are THAT good! She takes pride in hand picking the BEST ingredients for her cakes to perfection in her presentation and the finished Result is always nothing LESS of PERFECT!

So today we had a BarBQ for my sister’s Birthday (who’s Bday is actually June 1st) but since we were ALL off today, pops got busy on the Grill! So on Thursday i hit up Jazzy Cupcakes and ordered 2 dozen of them thangs. For Mothers Day Jazzy Cupcakes hooked me up with a Dozen cupcakes for my Mom and ever since my mom and sister have been FAN’s of Jazzy Cupcakes! So today i had got a Dozen Red Velvet cupcakes and a dozen Caramel cupcakes….

and if your color blind or your computer screen is in Black and White… Red Velvet on the Left and Caramel on the Right

The frosting is real light and not too sweet, the caramel adds to the sweetness but doesnt over power the over all taste. These thangs are GOOD! (Im a fan of Yellow Bread/Cake.. the part under the Frosting LOL)

We had a special guest at the BarBQ today.. Uncle Joe… LOL and this was the First Cupcake he ate! Turned him into an instant Jazzy Cupcake Fan! I’ve had Red Velvet cake before and i’ve tried other peoples ATTEMPT at making Red Velvet cupcakes and they have ALL failed! Usually the Bread/Cake is heavily spiced or they try and add some extra shit to it or they just think buying a box of Betty Crocker cake mix is gona do it and the Cake is crazy dry so they try to hide the dry cake with a pound of Frosting from a can on top of that… LOL FAIL! Jazzy Cupcakes got this Red Velvet shit on LOCK! Bread/Cake is Moist, soft, fluffy and the frosting once again isnt too sweet. and if you know me you know that i dont eat NOTHING sweet, i usually scrape frosting off of cakes or cupcakes and just eat the Bread part! lol But the Red Velvet from Jazzy Cupcakes has got to be one of my FAVORITES! These will for sure give your taste buds an ORGASM! lol

Here’s a close up of Both Cupcakes

and here are some pics of the Jazzy Cupcakes from Mothers Day

Rasberry on the Left and Mocha on the Right



All the cupcakes i posted on here dont even scratch the surface of what Jazzy Cupcakes are Really about…. The creativity behind different flavors and designs and decorations are limitless. Cupcake towers full of 100 Hello Kitty themed cupcakes with Hello Kitty’s big ass face on EACH cupcake, Sesame Street themed Tower with Elmo, Cookie Monster and Big Bird on it, Super Mario themed cakes and the list goes on…. and not only does she do kids bday party’s she also can do Baptisms, Bachlorette party’s, Barmitzva’s, Wedding’s, Retirement Party’s, Funeral’s, House Warming’s, or just cuz you want to treat your taste buds to something AMAZING! Any Party and Any Major Holiday JAZZY CUPCAKES got you covered!

and YES! these Cupcakes are DIABETIC Friendly! LOL Uncle Joe gives Jazzy Cupcakes 2 Frosting covered Thumbs Up!



I stopped by my cousin Justins house today to snap some pics of his Monte Carlo gettin Air Brushed… So while the air brushing was going on, my nephew KEANU was showing me his car collection…. Like Father Like Son…. Here’s a quick pic of one of Keanu’s rides… Stay Tuned for the official Blog about the ISLANDERS Car Club Monte Carlo Air Brushing that went down this weekend!

Keanu chillin on his Jeep with REAL working Car Radio in it! Check out my tumblr page “STOP’s LIFE” for another one of Keanu’s project cars he’s working on from his collection…. LOL

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