the STOP mobile

So… if you follow me on Twitter @N0NST0P you know that i have been looking for a new car…

For the past 3 or 4 years i been seen rolling around in a 2007 Silver Chevy Impala and its been cool!

When i first got it, i had to drop some chrome 22’s on it! The homie Scatter Breign was one of the first cats in the hood with the new body impala on 22’s! I think his was a dark grey or black! cant remember! But any way, i had Larry from Paradise Tinting smoke my windows out and of course i had the World Famous 110 SOUTH stickers on my small back windows! That was all fun and games for about 2 or so years! But the Cops used to ALWAYS pull me over! for no real reason! actually i never ONCE got a ticket in my impala! But i used to get pulled over at least twice a month! and yeah i get it, i got tattoo’s, i’m dark skin, I’m almost bald, i wear Hats all the time, YES! I fit the profile… But my windows weren’t Dark, My music wasn’t loud, and i wear my seat belt. Its a proven fact that Impalas, 300’s, chargers, Monte Carlo’s and Tahoe’s are Magnets for Cops! Especially if they have Rims on’em! and most of them DO!

So a few months back i said FUCK IT! im gona get me a Police Friendly Car, Something cops dont notice or wont mess with! a 2011 SCION XB

What Cop is pulling this thing over? Now even tho this little box looks small! its actually got a shit load of room on the inside! Me being a rather large Hawaiian, Had to give it the Fat Man test! and surprisingly (is that even a word? LOL) 3 Large Hawaiians fit in the back seat with leg room! So i was sold! Hit up my Auto Broker to get busy on finding me one….

Now me and my auto broker spoke everyday at 11:15am 3:00pm and 6:00pm discussing what he found, what he couldnt find, how much i wanted to spend, what i didnt want to spend… Buying a car through a broker is WAY easier! why? because they do all the work for you… They find the cars, talk to the dealerships, do the paperwork, haggle for the best price, search high and low for what you want! All while you sit on your ass and check your email for pics that they send you of cars they found for you and all you gotta do is say YES or NO!

Now do you folks remember that HUGE Earth Quake that shook Japan? and then that Tsunami that followed the Earth Quake? well Scion’s are made by Toyota and They make those bad boys in Japan! So now that Japan is steady trying to rebuild, They are NOT making any more scions or Shipping any more to the states! Why? because they’re country was submerged under the ocean and that happened right after the earth shook the shit out of their country! So what does all of this have to do with this Blog post? Since they werent making or shipping any more scions it made for slim pickings over here in the states! All i wanted was a Base model White or Black 2011 Scion XB and you know how many of those were left in all of the United States? fucking 12! 8 black and 4 white! So now your asking yourself… OK! why didnt you get your grubby hands on 1 of those 12? Well let me tell you why i couldnt get my hands on one… Because when the Dealerships found out about Scion NOT sending any new inventory out they started turning the Base Models into FULLY HOOKED UP TRD SUPER MACHINES! Adding Leather Seats, TRD Performance parts, Customs Rims, Alpine Sounds system, Logic Bluetooth system, GPS packages, Rear Spoilers and all kinds of other lame shit! So now a Brand New 17Grand car turned into a 29Grand car with all those extras on it! So after searching and hunting and waiting and looking… Toyota/Scion sent me a statement stating that they will not be in production and will not be releasing or participating in the “Build Your Own SCION Program” and will not be shipping any scions to the states until mid 2012…


Now it was back to the drawing board! I was hype on that Scion cause i knew Cops wouldnt be checkin for a brotha in a Box. My only problem wouldve been little asian kids in hondas trying to race me! hahahahaaaaa… So 2 weekends ago i went to test drive some new cars to see what was comfortable and also had to give it the FAT MAN Test, just to see what i wanted my broker to start looking for! Tried alot of mini SUV’s, either they looked funny or didnt have enough room or were wayyyyy out of my price range! Then past by a Dodge Dealership on my way back from an unsuccessful test drive day! and jumped in a Durango and that was a little too big, Jeeg Grand Cherokee was cool but my hat was hitting the roof! then i got up in the Dodge Nitro! looked small before i got up in there and then noticed it was actually roomy in there! lots of Head room, got up in the back seat and had lots of leg room and ball space! (when guys sit down they need that BALL SPACE! Cant crush the nutts with closed legs! LOL) So i took it for a spin and was impresed! Got home and did some research, Then called the Broker the next day and told him what to look for! Friday at 11am the Broker called me and told me he found one and he can have it ready and delivered first thing Monday morning if i wanted it! i said LETS DO IT!

Monday came around and the Broker called me and said its at his Office waiting! I rolled over at 3pm and the Broker let me test drive it again just to make sure i liked the color and feel and model! and he already had the paper work laid out, with every line highlighted where i needed to sign. The credit union rep was there to write the check and handle my trade in (the impala) and i was driving back to work in my White 2011 Dodge Nitro at 3:22pm

So here is the NEW and Improved STOP mobile! This is what im sittin in now… So far its dope! been lookin around for some rims! Might rock some Black 22’s or maybe keep it easy with some 20’s just to rock a thicker tire! Me and Pot Holes dont get along! LOL and you already know i gotta rock some 110 SOUTH stickers on here!

Feel free to pull up on me at a Red Light and catch yourself a FREE Concert cuz im singing in this thang with all 4 windows down! Come get a Bar! RED LIGHT CONCERT!!!! LOL


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