Dammmmm!! We were all just kickin it at Scatter Breign’s House and i pulled my phone out to check the time and i saw some of the saddest news ever! “Nate Dogg Past away!” Daaammmmm!!

For most this isnt bad news! But for a young kid born in 84 in Los Angeles!! This is Heart Breaking!!! Nate Dogg WAS West Coast Music! He embodied the West Coast Sound! When you heard his Voice you knew you were listening to something DOPE! He helped Records break Records!!! That signature Deep Low Tone voice that was melodic and rhythmic but still so hood and so Street! He could sing shit like “Yo Wife.. Is my Bitch! Yo Love.. Is my Trick” and make it a Banger! FACT!!
Nate Dogg to me is that West Coast Sound at its Prime! He made records THAT much better. If Nate was on your song you knew you had a winner hands down! He assisted Warren G on Regulate! And you cant tell me you dont sing EVERY word of that motha fucker whenever you hear it! In the car, at a party, at the barber shop, on your ipod, on MTV Jams (Cuz regular MTV dont play no fuckin videos) im saying!! When you hear “i got a car full of girls and its going real swelllllllllllll… Next stop is the East Siiiiidee…… MoteLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL” Shit! You already know! Motha fuckas wait till the end on “The Next Episode” just to say “SMOKE WEED EVERYDAYYYYYY” LOL hahaha and you dont say that shit regular! You say that shit in your deepest Nate Dogg voice you can do!!! LOL
Thats what i mean when i say Nate had that Classic West Coast Voice! Yeah he did songs with other artist across the country! But the Records he made on the West Coast made him the legend he is! Mack 10 said it best on “Gansta Nation” he said “it aint a Hit till Nate Dogg Spit”
Mannnnn!! If you grew up in Los Angeles and listened to that REAL West Coast shit! You cant help but be sad to hear that Nate Dogg Passed….. I feel blessed to be able to say i’ve seen Nate Dogg Rock a few shows before! I’ve heard’em sing live, i’ve seen him tell the DJ to cut the music off and just rock accapella! He was seriouslly Gifted! And to come out the neighborhood and SING! Most cats come out the hood wanting to be a rapper or make beats! Nate came out singing! And just shared his Talent with the world!!! You cant hate on what he did because he played his own game, drove in his own lane! Nobody was singing on that gangster shit, nobody was harmonizing on these real hood records! NATE had the game sewed up!! Wasnt nobody even coming close to what he was doing or the mediums he was pushing!!! Till this day still! There aint nobody fuckin with his style orĀ even driving next to his lane! Yeah i was bummed when i heard Dre’s new KUSH record with the Nate Dogg “Sound A Like” i mean its a good attempt but who ever that was singing on it was only trying to ReCreate that Nate Dogg Sound!!! Because that sound is a Staple in West Coast music!!!
I Remember years back i took my brother to the Del Amo Swap Meet for his first time! And for those that dont know, the Del Amo Indoor Swap Meet is on Del Amo and Santa Fe… In the middle of Compton, Carson and Long Beach! And just a stones throw away from surrounding city’s like Gardena, Wilmington and Lakewood! So i take my brother and we’re cruising around and i see Nate Dogg at the Hat Spot! Low Key i tell my brother “check out Nate Dogg” and right away my brother was star struck and he dam there stalked Nate Dogg through out the WHOLE swap meet!!! Hahahahahahaaaaaaa all the way until he left!!! Hahahaaa but my brother was a cool creepy stalker! He always kept his distance from Nate like 1 or 2 booths back from where Nate was shopping! Hahahahahahaaa and this is before Cell Phones had Camera’s! I think we both still had Nextel’s before BOOST Mobile was even around! Hahahahahahaaaaa and i was cruisin around and my brother would hit me on the Nextel Walkie Talkie like “Bleep! Yo Nate Dogg just got a pack of Socks and some Pro Club Wife Beaters! I think im gona buy the same Socks and Wife Beaters as him Bleep” hahahaaaaaaa

But on some real shit! Tonight when i heard the news, i was blown back for a minute! I jumped in my car to head home and KDay was jammin all Nate Records!! And it just takes you back when you hear a song, to a certain age, or a place or a memory of when that song was playing!! Being that i was Born and Raised in Southern California, Los Angeles.. GARDENA to be exact! Nate’s music influenced the sound that i embody as “West Coast” music! And being a independent Rapper, i respect his music, him as a person and the culture he lived and represented. Coming up from the same streets we all grew up in!!! To His Family and the Dogg Pound… My Prayers are with ALL of You!!

Its a Sad Day on the West Coast!! We lost a true Legend and a Respected G!!! RIP Nate Dogg!


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