Chasing Down BANKSY

yesterday our fellow NOBODY Ruben and his FRO! Went to go check out Banksy’s Newest spot on Washington Blvd.

The Crayola House! Which we posted up Yesterday Earlyyyyy Before anybody else seen it!

Ruben said there were only about 2 other people there when he showed up!

So after talking to one of the guys there, Ruben found out that somebody trashed the Crayola Gun boy piece on Westwood! So He rolled over there to see what the happs was….

and sure enough some HATER tried to throw some paint over it like an idiot! But an older gentlemen was kind enough to clean the paint off with out really messing up Banksy’s paint! THANK YOU OLD MAN! Ruben and his FRO Appreciate it…

So now Ruben was in the zone and determined to Find the PISSING DOG! He searched for hours online to find out where it was and NOTHING!!! So he hit me up and i asked one of my Banksy Insiders on where it was at and like a good neighbor State Farm was THERE!

Ruben and his FRO! Couldnt Belive it! He had to get Friendly with this Piece…

Then he decided to Pet the Dog

There are NOT alot of people who know EXACTLY where this piece is still! If you would like to know where its at! hit up RUBEN

Can you piss over an Escalade EXT?

After trying every perverted thing he could do to that Dog, Ruben and his FRO wanted to see the Mr. Brainwash’s Banksy Oscar! He hit me up once again! and I got the address for him ONCE AGAIN, he punched it into his EVO and was on his Way!

The Banksy Oscar over looking the Street!

Storm Troopers Line the wall….

and the ROOF….

None of these are Stencils just Glued Prints!

This Storm Trooper holding the Camera is DOPE! Somebody tried to steal it tho and wripped a chunk off!

Ruben and His FRO trying to size up a Trooper!

MBW signs the Wall….

And the Red Carpet rolls to the Curb! We all hope “Exit Through the Gift Shop” WINS! We still dont know who will except the award! im guessing it’ll be MBW or maybe Banksy will roll up there with a Ski Mask on! hahahaa Who Knows…..

What we do know is that while Ruben and his FRO was out chasing Banksy Pieces… Banksy was in SANTA MONICA┬áSTRIKING AGAIN!!!!

Located Off the 10 on PCH across from the First State Beach Parking!

Ruben and his FRO were So Close but yet So FAR…..

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